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Wholesale Oysters

Our oysters are spawned from our carefully selected broodstock and nurseried in the clean waters of the Virginia Coast Reserve.  Tiny seed is transplanted to our final grow-out areas and after 16 to 24 months in specially designed wire cages.  Our vertical integration and careful handling of our oysters through the entire growing process produces a healthy and robust crop.  This, in turn, insures high quality finished oysters to our customers consistently throughout the year. 

Shooting Point Oyster Company is very serious about protecting both the quality and safety of our oysters.  Our oysters are quickly and efficiently cleaned, harvested and placed under refrigeration to insure this standard! We meet our barge at the dock with our 14 foot refrigerated truck and quickly cool product before shipping. In summer months we primarily harvest during the coolest part of the day at the break of daylight and shade our entire deck. If afternoon harvesting is occasionally necessary we track our voyage with GPS and limit our time significantly. No oyster is ever out of refrigeration more than 30 minutes once the first line is cast to shore. Many folks talk about food safety but we live it.

We do not ship oysters directly to individuals to insure quality and a safe chain of custody for our product. Please contact [email protected] and we will make arrangements to ship on refrigerated carrier to you.  Please call 757-693-1303 with any questions.