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Tom Gallivan and Ann Arseniu Gallivan are the proud owners of Shooting Point Oyster Company.  Farming from one of the last standing Eastern Shore oyster houses at Bayford, Virginia.  We have farmed on Nassawadox Creek for over a decade. 

Ann Arseniu Gallivan


Annie has been one of the driving forces in developing Shooting Point Oyster Company.  She is also one of the East Coasts most successful shellfish hatchery managers.  Her experience from working with fish and shellfish on both the East and West Coast and commercial fishing in college while at The College of the Atlantic in Maine brings a large quiver of experience to our operation.


Since the early days of farming oysters on cinder blocks and rebar racks to todays hydraulics and hundreds of specially designed cages Ann has always been hands-on on the farm.   


Tom Gallivan


Toms family has been involved in the commercial fishing industry for decades.  Watching his father commercially fish stripped bass in Chatham MA in the late 1970s and then moving the family to Maine following a commercial dragger Tom has never been far from the Atlantic.  From fishing pots out of Yarmouth, ME with his younger brother in the 1980s to working on a commercial gill netter on Georges Bank working on the water has become his passion. 


While watching some of the traditional fisheries falter Tom earned a BS degree from University of Maine in Aquaculture in 1996 to facilitate his dreams of earning a living from the sea.  Now, in addition to Shooting Point Oyster Company, Tom works with JC Walker Brothers and HM Terry Company in producing millions of clams and oysters.